Q) How quickly can Axcell produce a part and tooling quote?
A) The initial quote can be produced within two business days for requests accompanied by a print and 3-5 days for a more complex engineered solution.
Q) What tooling capabilities does Axcell have?
A) Axcell utilizes a combination of in-house tooling centers and a dedicated tool shop to produce the highest quality tooling in the shortest time frame.
Q) What kind of materials does Axcell run?
A) The most commonly used is 6/6 nylon, however, Axcell uses a variety of thermoplastic materials to meet design specific requirements for aesthetic, mechanical, thermal or optical properties.
Q) Will Axcell run special materials for unique applications?
A) Yes, specialty grade engineered thermoplastics to suit application requirements are available upon request.
Q) Is there a maximum part size that Axcell will quote?
A) In-stock mold blocks run up to 8 inches, however custom frames can be produced to accommodate larger applications.
Q) Does Axcell require the customer to supply part prints?
A) Part prints would be helpful, formatted in DXF or IGES, but not necessary. We have a comprehensive design engineering group using ProE and AutoCAD that can provide solutions to various application problems and can produce the necessary documentation to fabricate the tooling and parts.
Q) What kind of tolerances can Axcell hold their parts to?
A) A tolerance of plus or minus 0.005” is typical, however, application specific needs can be addressed.
Q) Are rapid prototypes available?
A) 3-D models can be generated on our Rapid Prototyping Machine to provide you with a hands-on conceptual look at the part design.

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